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[ Table Tennis ]

Pathway Expert has officially launched the Pathway Expert Online System (PEOS) in 2016, one of the main services is to provide a FREE online platform for umpiring registration for all kinds of sports.

Below is the procedural flow:
(1) Tournament organiser publishes the match officials requirement for the tournament;
(2) Referees submit their quotation to the tournament organiser;
(3) Tournament organiser compares all the bids and awards their selected Referee;
(4) Referee publishes details for the umpiring sessions;
(5) Umpires register their umpiring sessions;
(6) Referee confirms the final group of umpires for the match officials team.

All the tournament organisers, referees and umpires will be FREE to use the PEOS Umpiring sub-system. The main objective is to help the sport associations to manage and rank their umpires and maintain up-to-date umpiring knowledge via our PEOS Assessment sub-system.
We would like hereby to express our sincere gratitude for the support and participation of Tampines North CSC. Their table tennis tournament, the Tampines Sports Challenge 2016, has been registered in our PEOS and we achieved full umpire registration within 3 weeks time. This is an encouraging start for our team, we are confident to provide similar remarkable service to other organisers.
Pathway Expert

Umpiring Sub-systems

Umpiring Registration System

[ Umpiring Registration System ]
register your umpiring session
-- Active Player --
endorsed as Level 1 Junior Umpire
→ umpire limited tournaments

[ Referee Management System ]
manage umpires for your in-charge tounaments
-- Bid for Tournaments --
access coming tournaments
→ submit bid to organisers

[ Organiser Management System ]
upload tournaments details
→ access bids information
→ award selected referee
Any query please feel free to:
(1) contact us via HOME | CONTACT-US
(2) email to

If you do not have umpire certificate
but you are an active table tennis player,
you will be endorsed as Level 1 Junior Umpire
and eligible to umpire certain tournaments.