Pathway Expert Privacy Notice

The aim of Pathway Expert's Privacy Policy is to protect the personal data in dealings with us. For any queries or feedback, you can contact Ms Beatrice Chan, our Data Protection Officer, at

  1. Collection of Personal Data
    1. Commonly collected personal data of our users include name, telephone number, e-mail address, identification number (last 4), nationality, date of birth, and gender etc..
    2. Collection of the personal data are mainly provided by:
      1. you directly; or
      2. you via signing up our online system; or
      3. you via your payment transaction to us; or
      4. you via the Contact-Us function of our online system; or
      5. organisers due to your participation in their tournaments.
  2. Use of Personal Data
    1. We do not rent or sell your personal data.
    2. When you submit your personal data to us and/or the tournament organisers, you give us explicit consent to serve you for the following purposes:
      1. provide you the products and/or services you are subscribing;
      2. update you on the products and/or services you are subscribing;
      3. provide you updated information of our products and services;
      4. respond to your queries and/or feedback.
  3. Disclosure of Personal Data
    1. As a general rule, we do not disclose your personal data with anyone.
    2. We may be required to disclose your personal data to the tournament organisers and/or trusted third parties for the following reasons:
      1. carrying out your registered umpiring duty;
      2. processing payment transaction to you;
      3. carrying out background checks, investigation and screen activities in accordance with legal or regulatory obligations that may be required by the Singapore law or that may have been put in place by us;
      4. complying with a court order or other legal or regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions we operate.
  4. Access, Correction and Withdrawal of Personal Data
    1. You can access and correct your personal data via your online user account or sending email to us at
    2. You can withdraw your consent by sending us an email with the details of your withdrawal request at
  5. Data Security
    1. All electronic storage and transmission of data is secured with appropriate security technologies.
    2. However, we cannot guarantee 100% data security over the Internet or method of electronic storage, we will make great efforts to protect your personal data and ensure that your personal data is not subject to unnecessary risks.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice at any time. We encourage you to review this page periodically in order for you to stay notified of any changes.
    2. Your continued use of our online system and acceptance of our services after any changes to this Privacy Notice constitutes your consent to any such changes to the extent such consent is not otherwise provided.
  7. Updates History
    1. 2017 December 4
    2. 2020 April 10

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