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Online Quiz (Table Tennis Rules)
Objectives : to pursue the rules and regulations of table tennis tournament (ITTF and SG.MOE.NSG)
Target to : umpires, coaches or active table tennis players
Assessment: complete the test with 100% passing rate
Outcomes : (1) Active player will be promoted to Level-2 Umpire (qualify to umpire the NSG competition);
(2) Coaches and players will know the fundamental rules and base them for proper skill development;
(3) Coaches and players will manage their NSG and other tournaments professionally.
Procedural Guidelines for the Online Quiz:
(1)  all are multiple choices
(2)  unlimited attempts are allowed
(3)  each attempt only provides 5 questions
(4)  after answering the questions, click the SUBMIT button to mark your answers
(5)  after reviewing the results, click the NEXT button to attempt another 5 questions
(6)  continue until all the questions are taken and passed
(7)  overall result will be shown in the left panel
(8)  download eCertificate upon completion
Subcription Fee ( unlimited attempts ):
$5: [BP] Basic Package - only mark answer as correct or wrong
$20: [FP] Full Package - provide correct answer and explanation
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