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MOE National School Games   Pathway Expert has been awarded by Ministry of Education (MOE) as their vendor for the provision of Umpiring Services for the 2019 National School Games (NSG) Table Tennis Championships.
Latest updates ↓ for the umpiring sessions, tournament details and self-assessment courses are shown in the following sub-sessions.

Pathway Expert has officially launched the Pathway Expert Online System (PEOS) in 2016, the key services of this online platform include:
(1) Umpiring Registration System: for umpires to register their umpiring sessions for all kinds of sports;
(2) Tournament Management System : for organisers to manage their tournament, i.e. participants, tournament fixtures and results;
(3) Self-Assessment System: for public to have their life-long learning.

Umpiring Registration System
All the tournament organisers, referees and umpires will be FREE to use PEOS Umpiring sub-system to manage their tournaments and umpiring registration. This sub-system can also help the sport associations or organisers to manage and rank their participants and umpires as well as to maintain up-to-date umpiring knowledge via our PEOS Assessment sub-system.

If you are interested to use our system to manage your tournament and/or umpires, please email us at

12018-11-11Tampines North 2-Player Team Table Tennis Challenge 2018TNCCTNCSC42
22018-09-30SFCCA Youth Festival 2018 Table TennisSFCCA HallSFCCA41
32018-07-28Singapore National Table Tennis League 2018Our Tampines HubSTTP35
42018-06-16ISA YP-Tibhar Cup International TT Championships 2018Shelton College InternationalLiang Seng38
52018-02-03Changi Simei Table Tennis Championship 2018Simei CCSimei CSC17
62017-12-09MKS Table Tennis Championships 2017MG SportsMKS16
72017-12-02Singapore National Table Tennis League 2017 2nd LegOur Tampines HubSTTP11
82017-11-26Tampines North Table Tennis Challenge 2017TNCCTNCSC15
92017-07-01Singapore National Table Tennis League 2017Our Tampines HubSTTP12

Publishers can use the PEOS Self-Assessment sub-system to publish their questions and answers for their specific area of knowledge while Public can pay at an affordable amount to access the questions and answers for their self-assessment.
Throughout this PEOS Self-Assessment sub-system, everyone can share their professional knowledge with monetary reward and at the same time inspire themselves to a lifelong learning.

If you are interested to be our publisher, please email us the details of your topic(s) at

# Self Assessment Course DescriptionID
1Junior Umpire Online Exam[90+ multiple choices] To be a Level 2 Umpire, you have to obtain 100% passing rate of the exam.1

Pathway Expert is a company composed of certified, experienced and passionate table tennis coaches.
Our team has designed a set of table tennis training programmes for all levels of table tennis players, we base on personal strength of the students to further develop their level of skill, power, consistency, veracity, as well as mental resilience.

Having been an authorised training provider of the Sport Singapore SEP programme since 2013, our SEP programme for beginners are the most welcomed module by the schools. We believe that a correct start for beginners is very important as it can significantly shorten their learning curve in the future, otherwise, extra time and resources will be required to correct back their wrong stroke and longer time for them to go further.

All our coaches are SEP Instructors, MOE Instructors and NROC, we are very experienced in coaching table tennis beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players.

If you are interested to engage our training services, please email us at