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[ Table Tennis ]

Pathway Expert has officially launched the Pathway Expert Online System (PEOS) in 2016, one of the main services is to provide an online platform for (1) publishers to publish their questions and answers and (2) people to enrich themselves by self-assessment.

Publishers will use the PEOS Self-Assessment sub-system to publish their questions and answers for their specific area of knowledge while Public will pay at an affordable amount to access the questions and answers for their self-assessment.
Part of the self-assessment fee will be rebated to the Publishers as a reward for their contribution.

Throughout this PEOS Self-Assessment sub-system, everyone can share their professional knowledge with monetary reward and at the same time inspire themselves to a lifelong learning.
Pathway Expert

Self-Assessment Sub-system
[ Self Assessment ]
enrich yourself in specific subject
-- Junior Umpire Basic Test --
. Table Tennis .
60+ multiple choices are provided
re-do until getting full mark
→ Level 2 Junior Umpire

[ Freelance Opportunity ]
publish questions and answers
→ earn extra income
-- Subject Proposal --
submit proposal and your qualification via CONTACT
or email to