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[ Table Tennis ]

Pathway Expert is a company composed of certified, experienced and passionate table tennis coaches.
We are professionals with extensive exposure in the area of table tennis and/or training management, such as NROC coaches, MOE Instructors, SEP coaches, ex-National table tennis player, champion of table tennis tournaments, international umpire and referee, and managerial personnel in training centres.
Our team has designed a set of table tennis training programmes for all levels of table tennis players, we base on personal strength of the students to further develop their level of skill, power, consistency, veracity, as well as mental resilience.

Pathway Expert is a Sports Service Provider for the Sports Education Programme (SEP) of Sport Singapore since 2013. We are also the service provider for Junior Sports Academy (JSA) of MOE.
In 2013, we were appointed by Sport Singapore to conduct the Pilot Programmes and Table Tennis Holiday Camp programme.

Our NROC coaches and MOE Instructors own abundant coaching experience in primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics, community centres and private training.
Our instructors have successfully led our in-charge schools to achieve Top-4 in the Zonal and Top-8 in the National Inter-school Table Tennis Championships.